Gifu Chan  New Year Special TV progrm "Bi no Seika The Essence of Art Beauty"

UPDATE : 2021.01.04



1st Jan.2021
Part1 7:00~
Part2 12:00~
Calligrapher Chisato Usui, who has started to create Artworks modern poetry by Kanji
(Chinese writing),Kana(Japanese writing),then decomposed the shape of characters and also includes symbols such as English and barcodes. Now the artworks has spread to a boldly deformed abstraction world.
Overcome the boundaries of traditional calligraphy and contemporary art, what is the secrets of the creation of works as if they were free to come and go?

Calligrapher:Chisato Usui
Intaviwer:Misato Shomura(Deputy-Director Museum Fine Arts,Gifu)